Hello, my name is Korey Hubbard and

I am .Net Developer

creating software solutions and modern responsive web designs.


MAM Software - Software Developer
May 2015 - Present

Major Achievements Working Progress Board After producing a prototype of the dashboard I was given the opportunity to take the lead on delivery this brand new feature. The working progress (WIP) board is a dashboard that utilises gridstack.js, bootstrap and jQuery UI to allow users to quickly view the status of each job or item based on their location inside the varies widgets on screen. Each widget represents a status such as 'In Progress' or 'Complete' the user can fully customise the layout at anytime as the widgets can be resized and moved via drag and drop. The job cards inside the widgets can be reordered or moved to a different widget which would then set the status of that job card based on the new widget status. The popularity of this feature grew very quickly and more functionality was soon developed to exceed end user expectations. CarFax Integration Time Tracking Roll Summary I joined MAMSoft in May of 2015 to work on one of their most popular and successful automotive products. This roll allows me to use my knowledge of JavaScript, C#, VB, ASP, MVC, RESTful API and TDD. I have a large envolvment in enhancing the RESTful API which allows thrid party integration such as mobile applications. I have taken lead on a new

GCI - Software Developer
May 2013 - May 2015

Major Achievements Automated Provisioning As a result to this project implementation, a manual process averaging between 5 - 7 days was automated and reduced significantly to less than 10 minutes, which increased productivity and customer satisfaction. Several products were included in the automated provisioning process, this meant a customer quote could be provisioned and billed automatically, these include hosted desktop, secure share, hosted exchange and vmware. Active Directory Management A responsive ASP web application was written and implemented to allow authenticated active directory (AD) users to be able to create, view, update and delete users within a specific organizational unit. This web application was so successful and beneficial in house, it was rolled out to a premium customer shortly after, to allow them to utilize AD functionality with a clean and simple interface. Systems integration project I successfully created a middle ware application called Solartask, that allows two established independent system to be utilized to their full potential. Solartask is a 24/7 operative program that captures alerts from a network monitoring system, the alerts are converted into a ticket along with all the necessary information the service desk delivery team need to be able to deal with the ticket. Solartask uses data from both independent system and collaborates the data to maximize the information usability. Roll Summary I joined GCI in May 2013 immediately after graduating from university to complete a full systems integration project. This project involved the automation and processing of network monitoring alerts and turning them into meaningful tickets. During this project, I had to go through the full product life cycle which helped me streamline the process from an alert to an acknowledged ticket ready for the service desk delivery team to action the ticket.

My CV is available on request.

About me

I am a .Net and PHP developer that has a particular interest in both software solutions and responsive web designs using a mobile first approach. Try resizing this website and see for your self.

Web Developer

I like to keep up with the latest technologies such as C#, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP, HTML5 and CSS3. I have a particular interest in using JavaScript and a variety of plugins to create attention to detail.

Software Developer

My main .Net language is C#, I like creating software solutions that incorporate object oriented programming and effective design patterns.


I graduated from Leeds metropolitan university in 2013 with a first-class honours degree in computing. I advanced in software development, website development and artificial intelligence.

Hobbies & Interests

I enjoy going to new places, walking in the Yorkshire dales and short city breaks. In my spare time I like to socialise with friends and family, go to the cinemana and go to watch live music or theatre.


If you would like to have a chat about a job opportunity or simply want to get in touch, please do not hesitate to contact me.